Client References


Quantum® prides itself on the frequency of repeat business which is testimony to Quantum's Clients' satisfaction.

What some of our clients have to say:

  • "The Utmost professional..approachable, highly professional... high quality and efficient of the best..providing sensible solutions to challenging situations in a complex process."

         Philip Tai, Technical Manager, Weather tight Services, Resolution Services, Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.

  • "Very professional and reliable.. a dedicated team who have high attention to detail and are able to identify potential issue and devise ways to mitigate potential conflict confidence in their hesitation in recommending them to any prospective corporation."

        Mal Tipton, National Property Manager, New Zealand Fire Services.

  • "Total dedication to the job at hand has been professionalism and attention to detail. He has saved us many thousands of dollars."

         Body Corporate Chairman, Siena Terraces.

  • "I cannot recommend Daniel more highly...his efficient non-nonsense approach to the issue was impressive...Our only regret would be that we did not have Daniel involved at an earlier stage."

        Michael Otto, Director, Otto Bloodstock Ltd.

  • "Without a doubt the most competent Quantity Surveyor I have ever had the pleasure working with."

         Dave Weir, Director, Carnoustie Project Management Ltd.

  • "Always performed in a timely and constructive manner level headed and consistent...position has at all times been protected...fair and proper...transparent and efficient...extremely capable."

         Craig Leishman, Director, Boutique Body Corporates Ltd.

  • "Very professional...the quality and accuracy of the information provided is of a very high standard."

        Jonathon Hawksworth, Director, Black Box Architects.

  • "Over 10 years on projects over $100million including 20multi-unit apartment complexes and 5 high rise complexes. Always have a professional attitude with timely delivery and add value to the hesitation in recommending Quantum."

        Ted Armitage, Technical Operations Manager, Cove Kitchen New Zealand Ltd.

  • "Sterling performance...your assistance ensured we received a landmark settlement. Our decision to engage you was one of the best we made...responsible for delivery of the contract $289 UNDER the contracted amount...a great outcome."

        Mareia Thomas, Body Corporate Chairperson, 53 Main Highway.

  • "Recommended as a project manager...integrity in handling client affairs...insightful when presenting costings."

         Russell Ballantyne, Senior Manager, Scope Strata Management Ltd.

  • "Deepest appreciation...worked tirelessly to get a result...formidable defense...invaluable counsel that you gave in a time (if) need...acted in a highly professional and timely manner throughout...combined expert service with compassionate understanding...highly competent and thoroughly engaged with us as clients to truly understand our hesitation in recommending this highly qualified and proficient organization."

        Robbie & Fiona Burns, Client.

  • "Professional manner...advice through early stages of design, through to completion, was excellent...project management went very smoothly, aided by the great working relationship...a close eye and strong management meant that costs were under strict control throughout the duration of the contract...resulted in a great outcome for hesitation in strongly recommending your company to any prospective Client."

        Ross Nowell, Chairman, Mayfair villas, Mays Rd. 

  • "The project team completed the project to the clients utmost satisfaction by adding substantial value through the considered and efficient design, fastidious no-nonsense approach to the project management, and robust and reliable processes in meticulous cost control...and achievement of substantial cost savings in reduction of the claimed costs. We would be pleased to refer Quantum on other projects."

        Roger Morrison, Director, Morrison Architects.

  • "Meet the rigid criteria expected but also employed the necessary resource, experience and skills to satisfy an extremely demanding project...Quantum's performance during stage one was exemplary...decision to award Quantum stage two a mere formality...expertise to ensure that all the costs were correctly captured with no surprises."

        Dennis Knill, Committee, Gladstone, Body Corporate.

  • "Their estimating has been accurate on a very complex project...extremely vigilant in managing progress claims and evaluating variations. They work hard for their clients to control costs. "

        David Baird, Associate Principal, Babbage Consultants Ltd.

  •  "Always assured of a professional, comprehensive, accurate, timely and reliable service...extensive experience of cost consultancy, construction contracts and project management...always comforted to know that when Quantum is engaged...exceptional attention to detail and proactive approach in protecting clients interests at all stages of the project." 

        Dave Firth, Reveal Building Consultants Ltd.

  • "Completed the project to the clients immense satisfaction by adding substantial value through the considered and efficient design, fastidious no-nonsense approach, and robust and reliable processes in meticulous cost control, draft evaluation and tenacious negotiation...achievement of substantial cost savings in reduction of the claimed costs and substantial cost savings in reduction of the claimed costs, and substantial additional FAP contribution, whilst maintaining cordial relationships between all the parties including between the client and the contractor. Avoiding dispute...outstanding achievements by the Quantum team included achieving substantial cost savings of over $1,806,828.77 (Incl. GST)...over 8% of the agreed variations... and over 18% of the entire agreed Final Account."

        Scott Cracknell, Principal, Context Architects Ltd.

  • "Quantum's guidance in crafting the building contract and in analysing the tenders received was significantly beneficial to the final outcome...extremely robust in protecting the clients position...owners were extremely gratified by the successful mediation which was significantly strengthened by the quality and completeness of the work and its presentation as provided by Quantum...detailed and credible information and evidence...significantly compelling...awarded a sum well excess of $1million...on top of substantial cost savings of close to $2million achieved in addressing contractor claims...detailed analysis supplied by Quantum enabled a substantial claim with Mainzeal Liquidator which is anticipated to return a further 'bonus...certainly greatly enhanced through Quantum's diligent efforts to have chosen Quantum and are in admiration of deliver... extremely positive outcomes for their client. The Body corporate is delighted to have chosen Quantum and are in admiration of deliver...extremely positive outcomes for their client."

        Craig Leishman, Direction, Boutique Body Corporates Ltd.

  • "Quantum's contribution proved invaluable...collaborative and interactive...exemplary...a very successful outcome...savings achieved $980,326...over 17% of variations and 4% of the agreed final account...cannot praise Quantum enough...Quantum's early establishment of sound contract terms and conditions provide a very solid base...part of a coherent and results driven project team, they maintained excellent working relationships, disputes were avoided, all of which strove to a successful outcome of the project...expertise in implementing and managing robust and reliable approach in negotiating variations...The body corporate would like to thank and congratulate Quantum on their outstanding performance."

        Ian Harris, Body Corporate Representative, Body Corporate 182026.

  •  "Worked together with great success on a variety of projects with a total value of over $120million including 7 multi-unit apartment complexes and 3 high rise complexes, in the Auckland, Tauranga and Napier regions. These were demanding projects and Quantum's wealth of experience and attention to detail have contributed towards their successful outcome...always found Quantum be professional and collaborative, engendering co-operation and performance of the project team. Through robust and methodical processes, frequent communication and disciplined actions the projects key deliverables of program, quality, cost and value have been achieved...highly recommend Quantum PM for timely and efficient project management of projects."

        Matt Hodson, Director, Insight Architecture.

  • "We have been engaged with Quantum for several years and find the service to be very professional and efficient. They understand the drivers of the client and have been excellent at thinking laterally to problem Quantum achieve over $2,000,000 of Value Engineering Savings. We have found their QS estimates to be extremely close to the actual tenders received; risk mitigation input has been invaluable keen to assist in all matters, even if they are outside their contracted brief. This is a refreshing attitude. Quantum to be a 'safe pair of hands' in a fast-moving construction environment where everyone is busy and needs to know things are being dealt with.

        Donald Reld, Director, Murchison Group Ltd.