The project consists of remediation of 57no. apartments in eleven blocks and 69no. carparks on a site of approx. 15,503m2 completed in two stages.


  • The Final Account for the above project has been certified in the amount of $108,252.82 (incl GST) less than the Contractor's Claim
  • We have achieved substantial savings on the client’s behalf during the course of the contract through meticulous evaluation and careful negotiation and agreement of variation claims and provisional sum expenditure.
  • The aggregate total of reductions/savings achieved between the variation claims presented by the contractor during the course of the contract and the final agreed value of the variation claims is over $852,457.98 (excl GST) or $980,326.68 (incl GST)
  • This represents savings of over 17% of the agreed Variations and Provisional Sum expenditure (excluding the owner requested variations of $2,073,000) and over 4% of the entire agreed Final Account including contract works.
  • In addition, Quantum successfully negotiated and achieved over $350,000 of supplier cost savings on the specified products, over and above the suppliers normal trade discount.
  • 2021 NZIOB National Awards Finalist for substantial savings achieved (over $987,000 or 18% of variations)

The property is located in 130 Great South Road, Remuera, Auckland and zoned “Business – Mixed Used Zone.”

Quantity Surveying - Quantum® QS
Contract Administration - Quantum® QS
Tax Cost Apportionment - Quantum® QS
Supplier Cost Savings - Quantum® QS

Consent and Design Status
Commenced - completed
Completion - completed

Construction duration approx. 2.5 years

Project Value approx. $21.4m

Client Reference

  • Quantum’s contribution proved invaluable... collaborative and interactive... exemplary... a very successful outcome...savings achieved $980,326..over 17% of ...variations and 4% of the agreed final account...cannot praise Quantum enough...Quantum's early establishment of sound contract terms and conditions provide a very solid base...part of a coherent and results driven project team, they maintained excellent working relationships, disputes were avoided, all of which strove to a successful outcome of the project...expertise in implementing and managing robust and reliable approach in negotiating variations...The body corporate would like to thank and congratulate Quantum on their outstanding performance.
    Ian Harris, Body Corporate Representative, Body Corporate 182026

Area Schedule
Block A - 4no. townhouses - 4no. carports
Block B - 7no. townhouses - 7no. garages
Block C - 4no. townhouses - garages
Block D - 3no. townhouses - 3no. double garages
Block J - 6no. townhouses - 6no. garages
Block K - 7no. townhouses - 7no. carports
Block L - 9no. townhouses - 9no. double garages
Block M - 17no. townhouses - 17no. garages

TOTAL - 57no. townhouses - 69no. carparks