The Anchorage

The Anchorage



The project consists of remediation of 58no. apartments over 4 storeys.


  • 2021 New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) National Awards Finalist for substantial savings achieved (over $1,800,000 or 58% of variations) on an $10million project.
  • The Final Account for the above project has been certified in the amount of $1,051,975 (incl GST) less than the Contractor's Claim
  • We have achieved substantial savings on the client’s behalf during the course of the contract through meticulous evaluation and careful negotiation and agreement of variation claims and provisional sum
  • The aggregate total of reductions/savings achieved between the variation claims presented by the contractor during the course of the contract and the final agreed value of the variation claims is over
    $1,571,155.45 (excl GST) or $1,806,828.77 (incl GST)
  • This represents savings of over 58% of the agreed Variations and Provisional Sum expenditure and over 18% of the entire agreed Final Account including contract works.

The property is located in 36 Victoria Road, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga in walking distance for shopping and the wharf.

Quantity Surveying - Quantum® QS
Architects - Context Architects

Consent and Design Status

Construction duration approx. 16 months (stages)

Project Value approx. $ 10.0m

Client References

  • completed the project to the clients immense satisfaction by adding substantial value through the considered and efficient design, fastidious no-nonsense approach, and robust and reliable processes in meticulous cost control, deft evaluation and tenacious negotiation, ...achievement of substantial cost savings in reduction of the claimed costs, and substantial additional FAP contribution, whilst maintaining cordial relationships between all the parities including between the client and the contractor, and avoiding dispute...outstanding achievements by the Quantum team included achieving substantial cost savings of over $1,806,828.77 (incl. GST) ...over 58% of the agreed Variations ... and over 18% of the entire agreed Final Account
    Scott Cracknell, Principal, Context Architects Ltd.
  • Quantum’s guidance in crafting the building contract and in analysing the tenders received was significantly beneficial to the final outcome...extremely robust in protecting the client’s position...owners were extremely gratified by the successful mediation which was significantly strengthened by the quality and completeness of the work and its presentation as provided by Quantum...detailed and credible information and evidence...significantly compelling...awarded a sum well in excess of $1m... on top of substantial cost savings of close to $2m achieved in addressing contractor claims... detailed analysis supplied by Quantum enabled a substantial claim with the Mainzeal liquidator which is anticipated to return a further ‘bonus...certainly greatly enhanced through Quantum’s diligent efforts on multiple fronts. The Body Corporate is delighted to have chosen Quantum and are in admiration of deliver...extremely positive outcomes for their client
    Craig Leishman, Director, Boutique Body Corporates Ltd. 10 Burns Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland | 09

Area Schedule
First Floor - 17no. apartments
Second Floor - 23no. apartments
Third Floor - 18no. apartments

Total 58no. apartments