Rangatira Road

Rangatira Road



The project is a new residential development which includes 15No. double-storey terrace houses.


  • We have achieved substantial savings on the client’s behalf during the course of the contract through careful management, meticulous evaluation and deft negotiation and agreement of the fair-and-reasonable value of variation claims and provisional sum expenditure.
  • The substantial number, detail and value of variation claims and provisional sum expenditure claims was extraordinary, and equated to an aggregated total of over $973,000 or $1,118,950 (incl GST) or 26.6% of the entire contract value (excluding Contingency).
  • The aggregate total of reductions/savings achieved between the variation claims presented by the contractor during the course of the contract and the final agreed fair-and-reasonable value of the variation claims alone is over $191,000 (excl GST) or $219,000 (incl GST)
  • This represents savings of over 37% of the final certified Variations and Provisional Sum expenditure, and over 5.2% of the entire original Contract Value (excluding Contingency) including Provisional Sums and Contract Works.
  • An additional $37,000 would have been achieved if the client hadnt conceded to reach a commercial settlement relating to siteworks and margin issue, for which there was no contractual entitlement, which would have resulted in total savings of over $228,000 (excl GST) or $262,000 (incl GST)
  • In addition, robust and detailed evaluation of multiple Extension of Time Claims achieved substantial reduction in the claimed 72days EOT to just 6days, which achieved substantial additional savings of over $140,000 (excl GST) or $161,000 incl GST (comprised of $80,000 in related EOT Working Day Rates and at least $61,000 in professional fees alone, not including additional savings for finance and holding costs.
  • In total, savings achieved by Quantum equate to over $331,000 (excl GST) or $380,000 (incl GST) or 9% of the entire Contract Value (excluding Contingency).
  • (i.e. over $368,000 (excl GST) or $423,000 (incl GST) or 11.6% if the client hadnt conceded to reach commercial settlement.

The property is located at 182-184 Rangatira Road, Beach Haven, Auckland.

Project Management - Quantum® PM
Quantity Surveying - Quantum® QS
Bank QS - Quantum® QS

Consent and Design Status
Programme - completed
Key Milestones - completed
Project Budget - completed
Resource Consent - granted
Preliminary Design - completed
Developed Design - completed
Building Consent - completed
Construction Start - June 2020
Construction Complete - June 2021
CCC - achieved

Construction duration approx. 12 months

Contract Price $4.15 (excl. GST)



Area Schedule
Unit 1 - 87m2
Unit 2 - 72m2
Unit 3 - 72m2
Unit 4 - 72m2
Unit 5 - 72m2
Unit 6 - 72m2
Unit 7 - 72m2
Unit 8 - 72m2
Unit 9 - 72m2
Unit 10 - 72m2
Unit 11 - 72m2
Unit 12 - 87m2
Unit 13 - 72m2
Unit 14 - 72m2
Unit 15 - 72m2
Total - 1110m2