Oruarangi Road, Mangere

Oruarangi Road, Mangere



The new build project consists of a 5,100m2 warehouse, including 1,000m2 freezer and 518m2 office on two levels with 30no. car parks on a site of approx. 9,169m2


  • The Final Account for the above project has been agreed in the amount of $74,343 (incl GST) less than the Final Claim
  • We have achieved substantial savings on the client’s behalf during the course of the contract through meticulous evaluation and careful negotiation and agreement of variation claims and provisional sum expenditure.
  • The aggregate total of reductions/savings achieved between the variation claims presented by the contractor during the course of the contract and the final agreed value of the variation claims is over $142,000 (excl GST) or $164,000 (incl GST)

The property is located in a commercial area, close to the Auckland Airport and zoned “Business – Light Industry”


  • Project Management - Quantum® PM
  • Quantity Surveying - Quantum® QS
  • Bank Quantity Surveying - Quantum® QS

Consent and Design Status

  • Programme - completed
  • Key Milestones - completed
  • Project Budget - completed
  • Bulk & Location - completed
  • Resource Content - granted (29Nov17)
  • Preliminary Design - completed
  • Developed Design - completed
  • Building Consent - completed (stage 1)
  • Building Consent - TBC (Fit-Out)

Construction duration approx. 10 months

Contract Price $7.3m (excl. GST)

Gross Floor Areas

  • GFA Warehouse ~ 5,100m2
  • GFA Freezer (inside Warehouse) ~ 1,000m2
  • GFA Office ~ 518m2
  • GFA Canopy ~ 1,475m2



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